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Hot! Digital transformation is changing the way you do digital, learn about the digital milestones you'll cross before your done.
Faster Ideation

Use our experience to get research done faster, we'll help you layout your options.

Know Your Audience

We'll help you segment your audience and undertand what they are looking for.

Quicker Launch

When you cut down on research time you can complete your project faster.

Governments have choices, we outline the major considerations for you

When you have options it can seem overwhelming. Our email course will help you outline the different options that you have when selecting the best way to implement your mobile experience for citizens.

Topics from user demand, reducing costs, and barriers to operating systems, development, and promotion we cover it all!

Operating Systems

define your options

Limited Time

to research, we did it for you

In-house or Not

compare the pros &cons

Reduce Costs

we show you the money

Join Our 5 Week Mobile Civic App Email Course

An amazing number of organizations go mobile simply because everybody else is doing it. You should understand your agency's end goal from the start so that you can keep your goals in mind as you push forward to a new experience for your community

You'll learn to:

  • Understand why you need a mobile app
  • What your community is expecting from your technology
  • Your options for platforms and devices
  • Evaluating in-house vs third-party efforts
  • How to promote once you've launched